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Ordo Est Imperare Orbis Universo


  1. One of the best ways to show one's status or credibility really pretentiously is with a Latin motto. After all quidquid latine dictum sit altum videtur. note In the old days, it conferred some level of prestigae. These days, only Smart People Know Latin, so whoever still uses one is basically trying to show how much smarter, richer, and generally more awesome they are than us.
  2. Jul 21,  · A. E. I. O. U. being interpreted as the Latin "Austriae est imperare orbi universo" is correct of course. The translation to "die ganze Welt gehört Österreich" is rather free but ok ("es ist die Aufgabe Österreichs, die Welt zu regieren/It is up to Austria to reign the world" would be a little closer, even with regard to the fact that Friedrich III. made this his motto rather at the.
  3. The world where Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor managed to sucessfuly reintegrate the Protestants into the Catholic Church after the Augsburg Interim in
  4. Country: France, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Angoulême. Lyrical themes: Hatred, War, Philosophy. Label: Eisiger Mond Productions.
  5. Nov 04,  · AEIOU - Austriae est imperare orbi universo. Subscribe. Subscribed. Unsubscribe. In 1 collection by KoreanGandalf. Krateng's Expanded Upper German Nations Pack. 2 items. Description. A mod to bring you more Austria content! Small so far, but I will expand. The update ♥♥♥♥ed over a lot of things, it works for now, but not like it.
  6. フリードリヒ3世(Friedrich III., 年 9月21日 - 年 8月19日)は、神聖ローマ帝国のローマ皇帝(年 - 年)、ローマ王(在位:年 - 年)、オーストリア公、のちオーストリア大公 。 ローマ王としてはフリードリヒ4世、オーストリア公および大公としてはフリードリヒ5世。.
  7. Austria est imperio optime unita ("オーストリアは帝国によって最高に統合されている"). Austria erit in orbe ultima ("オーストリアは世界で最後に生き残るだろう"). Austriae est imperare orbi universo ("全世界を統べるのはオーストリアの王朝である").
  8. Austria est imperio optime unita (Austria is the empire best united). Austria erit in orbe ultima (Austria will be the last (surviving) in the world) {MKL }. [2] Austriae est imperare orbi universo (It is Austria's destiny to rule the whole world) {MKL }. [2] These versions refer to Austria of today, as well to the huge Habsburg empire.

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